A Complete dApp for Cronos EVM Chain

Overview DXP token

The DXP token lies at the very core of and will be powering the Dexpad ecosystem, the DXP token will have several use cases within the ecosystem:

Participating in IDO’s: Investors that want to participate in the projects listed on the Dexpad launchpad are required to stake or lock DXP tokens, the more DXP tokens you commit the bigger your allocation in our Initial Dexpad Offerings.

Profit Sharing: (locked) stakers of DXP will share in the profits of Dexpad. Projects launching on Dexpad pay 2% of their token supply to use the Dexpad Launchpad, which are fully distributed to locked stakers! Projects also pay a 2% fee in native currency(i.e BNB, ETH etc) over the amount raised during the sale. This fee will be used by Dexpad to buyback it’s token from Photonswap and burn these tokens; taking them out of circulation for ever!



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Dex Bruce

Dex Bruce


A Decentralized IDO platform for a smooth token launch journey starting from Token Minting, raising capital through Presale and Token Locking