ChowChow, upcoming BSC-Cronos Bridge and newest dog on the block, launches on DexPad as verified presale!

Dex Bruce
2 min readMar 28, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Chow-Chow will be having a verified Cronos presale on Dexpad on the 28 March at 6pm UTC. DexPad stakers will have one hour of exclusive time to get their hands on the amount of tokens that their allocation points entitles them to.

From the team that brought you ShibX, which had an 80x increase from its starting market cap:

First Dog token on Cronos with a utility — ChowChow is the newest dog token that aims to use the dog hype for the first time on the Cronos network and have a real utility to further compound growth. Chowbridge will be one of the first BSC to Cronos bridges that allows the user to seamlessly switch tokens between the two networks. As the Cronos network grows and more projects are released on there, ChowChow aims to be one of the frontrunners for connection the BSC community to these new projects. This means that in the future ChowChow aims to be a gateway for new Cronos projects to be able to secure the large number of investors in the BSC network.

BSC to Cronos Bridge — By using the token bridge instead of an exchange, the user is also able to stay within the decentralized apps and avoid the need to KYC their funds. Deployed on the both the Cronos and the BSC blockchain, the bridge smart contract holds assets on both networks which allow exchange both ways by holding your token and releasing the dollar equivalent on the other side.

Low Fees — One of the biggest advantages to using ChowChow is the low taxes at launch. Once the utility is fully functional the fees will be removed from the token and the upkeep will be paid for using the 0.5% token fee taken for using the bridge. In the future ChowChow will redistribute this token fee between $Chow holders.

Interested in finding out more about ChowChow as a project? Make sure to DYOR through the following links:

TG: @chowchowcro


Whitepaper link:




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