DexPad now on DeFi app

Dex Bruce
2 min readMay 14, 2022


Dear Crofam

After several months of hard work and constant effort to make our platform better and easier for our community, we are happy to announce that DexPad is finally available in the DeFi app of!

Users can now also trade on this platform which makes us very happy!

To use the CDC defi wallet users need to download the app and set up their wallet.

After successfully setting up the wallet, you will see five options at the bottom of the screen: “Wallet” “Buy” “Browser” “Swap” “Earn”.

If you click on the middle button “Browser”, you will appear in this menu where you then have to click on Cronos Dapps. Once on the page loads, you can now choose between all the different cronos-based dapps and so also DexPad via the CDC app.

Dexpad stands out as a cross chain platform where users can easily create and mint their own tokens with our token factory without any coding experience. Furthermore our platform main function is the Launchpad: is in fact the first launchpad to ever exist on Cronos Network, and as of now the most secure project incubation platform on Cronos Network where users can organize their own IDO round but also lock their liquidity in our lockers to create more trust.

In this picture you can see our token factory, users can create their own token completely individually and according to their wishes. listing of as an officially recognised part of the ecosystem is for us an incredible milestone, to be celebrated with our community!

We thank the team, as well as our community that is always present, holding strong and supporting the team!



Dex Bruce

A Decentralized IDO platform for a smooth token launch journey starting from Token Minting, raising capital through Presale and Token Locking