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3 min readMay 4, 2022

Our fourth vetted presale is now live!
Catch up with Triple7 below:


TRIPLE7 is the first crypto lottery system on Cronos.

Its aim is to collect jackpots by means of users’ trading of their native token $777. Just by holding our token, holders will be eligible to win a Jackpot anytime there is a draw.

Wallet addresses in the holders’ list will function as users’ entry tickets. This will allow TRIPLE7 to reward lucky winners!


The goal for this project is to create a functional and sustainable HOLD2WIN with several individual jackpot-opportunities that could have a positive impact on the life of our everyday holders.

As an outcome of our large-scale rewarding system, we envision TRIPLE7 to gain fast traction and recognition to quickly become one of the biggest and ever-growing projects not only in the reflection-token niche, but on the entire Cronos network.


TRIPLE7 chooses to prioritize the quality of the product and the safety of the project as well as the entire ecosystem.

With the future potential of Cronos Network, long-term growth in the form of sustainable protocols are what will lead to overall network growth.

TRIPLE7 is the only crypto lottery on Cronos chain and unlike every other Reflection Token, $777 accumulates big jackpots in USDC that will be airdropped systematically to our holders when draws take place.

It has the potential to change several people’s lives each week, or at least be a major catalyst in this change, with each single distributed Jackpot.


Small presale with a soft cap of 25000 to a hard cap of 50000 USDC equivalent.

55% of total funds raised will go into liquidity and be locked for one year, and shortly after TRIPLE7 will extend the lock even further.

All investors in the presale will have access to a fixed price: investors will have NO BUY TAX on presale purchase.

A total of 12’500’000 $777 tokens will be sold to pre-sale investors at launch price of 0,01 CRO/777.


The tokenomics were built in such a way that the project could be sustainable over time, while being able to positively affect price action by means of burns (over 30% of total supply will be kept for burns), an elevated marketing budget and supply allocation and the implementation of several rewarding system (Like open farms on Photonswap) to entice people to hold by means of additional rewards. Holding a Presale that does not have a gap in price between IDO and Launch will also be a strategic choice for our public launch/in relation to our tokenomics.

Internally KYC’ed with DexPad team and unDeFined Media.

Find more on TRIPLE7 here:

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