Dexpad’s commitment to quality

Dear DexPad family,

The latest market conditions have not been the greatest for the cryptosphere as a whole.
While we count our (remaining) blessings, let us rejoice in the fact that DexPad is here to stay, building value over the long run.

Rain or shine, bull or bear market, we remain committed to building out the most open and permissionless multichain launchpad. With that being said, let’s recap some of our most notable achievements over the past couple of weeks.

Recent milestones aside, we want to reinforce our commitment to our community and safety. Over the last couple of months, DexPad as a protocol has renounced numerous times the opportunity to launch projects for the sake of the quality of the DeFi ecosystem and the DexPad community’s sake, proving time and time again that we’re here to BUILD true value.

As we move forward towards the end of Q2, the cryptosphere has been shown, if another lesson was necessary, how overinflated market capitalization of critical players, notably on the Cronos Network, inevitably leads to a capitulation that leaves everyone hurt financially and hesitant in the future to invest into blockchain projects.

It is therefore important that the space learns to develop in an organic manner that allows for sustainable, real value growth.

For this to take place, DexPad once again reiterates its commitment to creating a safe and qualitative metaverse for everyone. Our dedication to excellence is not a luxury afforded only in bull markets.

Make sure to follow us on our social media to remain up to date with all the newest developments!


The DexPad team.



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