Update: Dexpad supports multiple routers

Dear DexPad Family,

We are proud to announce to our community that, once again, we have taken steps forward to further strengthen our service offering!

The constant work on our platform has allowed us to extend DexPad’s reach in the ecosystem and bring an important upgrade on the token factory.

As of the latest update, DexPad supports multiple routers, which means that users now can access other protocols’ routers as they go about minting their token on DexPad.

In the Cronos ecosystem, we now support all the most important Cronos DEXes like Photonswap, MMFinance, VVS, Cronaswap, Crodex and Cyborgswap.

On top of this, as announced on our social channels in recent days, DexPad is now operational on the EvmOS chain. In this new financial ecosystem we now support Photonswap and Diffusion finance.

With a reputation as a crypto pioneer to maintain, DexPad keeps expanding, always trying to meet and anticipate the needs of the users.

Make sure to join our channels to always have ready access to our media and to stay up to date with the latest developments!

Please find our links here.


The DexPad team.



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