Week 6 Recap 2022

Dear DexPad & PhotonSwap Group,

Our projects have seen a lot of growth lately in the form of continued marketing and outreach behind and in front of the scenes.
The communications team has struck new partnerships and thus we have tightened our relationship with Chronoswap, FC Cronos and Unity Swap!

Whereas Chronoswap has used DexPad’s locker system to lock a whopping 30% of their $CNFT supply intended for marketing, development and team, the FC Cronos squad and the DexPad — PhotonSwap group has connected to create co-marketing opportunities for each other.

For this reason, the FC Cronos representatives were hosted in our channels on 07/02 so that our community had a chance to learn about their project’s unique GameFi functionalities.

Additionally, the Unity Swap collaboration mark DexPad’s first connection and pre-sale on the Binance Smart Chain. The project’s two founders Luc and Robby already presented in the first of two AMAs that we have scheduled with the Unity Swap team to prepare for a launch at the end of February. Make sure to tune in to the second one on Feb 22, 2022at 15:00 UTC.

Having covered the first segment on our collaborative marketing efforts, DexPad was also present in two separate tech-related interviews due to its placement in the recent hackathon. In fact, DexBruce, DexPad’s techlead and architect, gave two presentations with Dorahacks and on the Binance MVB program, explaining DexPad’s features, functionalities and advantages.

The PhotonSwap & DexPad group was also present on their first public stunt on Polygon News on Monday 07/02.

Now with public acknowledgment for its high-quality tech tech, DexPad is seeking to make a name for itself as the most decentralized and advanced launchpad also on these other networks. All in all, through this mix of diversified marketing activity, our community has grown by almost 10% organically over the last 6 weeks.

On a similarly tech-themed note, DexPad just released a new version of the liquidity token generator which now allows users to exclude a particular address or include it in rewards.

In the previous version of the liquidity token there was no such feature, so when people would add a huge supply to lockers, lockers used to get great amounts of reflection. With the new changes, token creators can make sure to exclude their accounts from getting fees.

On another note, DexPad has enabled support for different currencies for presale. Soon, users will be able to choose different currencies for their presale such as DAI, USDT andUSDC on top of the existing WCRO option.

Last but not least, on the end of PhotonSwap, on 05/02 6 total new farms have gone live:

  • CRO-PHOTON WITH DXP rewards!
  • CRO-CROVID with CROVID rewards.

The CRO-PHOTON pool is the first time DXP has started being rewarded in our PhotonSwap liquidity segment. Make sure not to miss out and to check each respective APR on our farm page, here.

Needless to say, all of this would not have been possible without the continued support that we have received from the community’s side. We want to extend a warm thank you to everyone who’s been participating in this journey.

As a final reminder, remember to set a reminder for our upcoming AMA with UnitySwap at 15:00 UTC, 22 February and make sure to bookmark our DexPad linktree and PhotonSwap equivalent to always have ready access to our media and stay up to date with the latest developments


The DexPad and PhotonSwap Group




A Decentralized IDO platform for a smooth token launch journey starting from Token Minting, raising capital through Presale and Token Locking

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Dex Bruce

Dex Bruce

A Decentralized IDO platform for a smooth token launch journey starting from Token Minting, raising capital through Presale and Token Locking

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